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A vanguard for natural rights - unapologetic on individual sovereignty

Daniel is the son of Portuguese immigrants that arrived in Monmouth County in the early 1980's.


 Daniel has distinguished, varied experience in the political arena. He was the Executive Director that launched the first office of Project Veritas, where the investigative campaigns he managed induced congressional field hearings into ObamaCare fraud. He received an award from Congressmen Darrell Issa and Pete Sessions for his tireless work in exposing media and government fraud during the Obama administration.


An absolutist on firearms rights, Daniel has traveled the state of New Jersey speaking passionately for organizations like the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. Daniel vowed during his speeches to the NJ2AS crowds that he would launch a campaign to challenge New Jersey's draconian carry laws. After a year of negotiating the legal system, Daniel was officially denied a license to carry a handgun by the Monmouth County Superior Court, and with the help of the Firearms Policy Coalition, launched a lawsuit against multiple state defendants to challenge the constitutionality of "justifiable need" in federal court. 

Along with his wife, Daniel moved blocks away from his childhood home to begin raising a family in Englishtown, NJ. He earned a seat on the Englishtown Borough council in 2019 where he still serves to this day. 

As the state agonized under a thunderous silence from the supposed "liberty" movement,  the tyrannical era of the Covid lockdowns inspired Daniel to start up "Blue Star Union" - a civil rights non-profit whose mission statement is: "To educate the public about how to exercise their civil rights, engage with public officials, and build strong communities through media campaigns, publicly-accessible programming, and community events." Daniel used his platform to cover dozens of political rallies, speak with sitting representatives, moderate political debates, and even raise money for those in need.

As an avid fan of soccer and a NJSRC official for over 20 years, Daniel was inducted into the New Jersey Soccer Association Hall of Fame in 2016 as "Referee of the Year". He is a husband, a father, and obsessive absolutist on natural rights.

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